On July 23, 2021 the European Route of Ceramics signed an agreement with La Rotta dei Fenici-Phoenicians’ Route, to promote a better knowledge of the cultural, material and immaterial heritage linked to manufactures, places traditions and civilizations which have contributed to build the European values.

The cooperation agreement aims at promoting opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges between these two itineraries of millenary tradition, stimulating co-design and collaboration in terms of analysis, as well as to convey combined tourism products between the territories of the different cultural itineraries and to develop new opportunities for sustainable tourism and creative activities, both at international level and to support the local communities.

The two cultural routes will be working together in marketing actions, historical studies; realization of events, exhibitions, cultural education activities and involvement of the communities; youth exchanges through the collaboration in international projects; communication actions and promotion

The themes of the two itineraries naturally dialogue within the Mediterranean area, as the art of ceramics is deeply connected to the first commercial exchanges of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, reflect the common European identity and the distinctive features of the single territories.