Made in Italy – La ceramica italiana guarda al Futuro, Faenza, Italy 4-5 September 2021

Waiting for Argillà Italia – International Ceramics Festival in 2022, the main square in Faenza will host the second edition of the handicraft and artistic pottery market. Over 100 ceramists from Italy will display their ceramic production of handicraft, design, daily pottery and jewellery. Read more

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Collaboration within cultural routes of the Council of Europe

On July 23, 2021 the European Route of Ceramics signed an agreement with La Rotta dei Fenici-Phoenicians’ Route, to promote a better knowledge of the cultural, material and immaterial heritage linked to manufactures, places traditions and civilizations which have contributed to build the European values. The cooperation agreement aims at promoting opportunities for cross-cultural [...]

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WalkEur – Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe as key actors in the promotion of European cultural heritage

The first international hybrid meeting (physical and online) of the partners of the project “WalkEur - Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe as key actors in the promotion of European cultural heritage", took place in the Comarca de la Vera in Extremadura between 26 and 28 July 2021. The status of the different [...]

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“Experiences and skills for the new wave of the Cultural and Creative Sector” – June 14, 4pm CET

The second webinar dedicated to cultural sustainable tourism, with a special focus on the European Route of Ceramics, a cultural itinerary of the Council of Europe. The cultural creative industry in Europe has been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; nevertheless, this sector has continued to work to propose new ideas and positive energies for [...]

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Webinar “Cultural and Sustainable Tourism: a guide to create tourism products” – November 30, 3pm CET

The first of a series of webinars addressed to sustainable cultural tourism, organised by the European Route of Ceramics. What makes a territory attractive? What combination of products can create a unique tourist package? What are the ways to promote a location and its distinctive features, unique and recognizable among other destinations? The webinar [...]

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Collaboration between cultural routes of the Council of Europe: European Route of Ceramics and Iter Vitis

The European Route of Ceramics has signed an agreement with ITER VITIS Les Chemins de La Vigne en Europe, to promote a better #knowledge of the material and immaterial heritage of the arts of ceramics and wine, deeply connected in history, since the ancient times, especially in the Mediterranean and Central European area. The itineraries will be working together on themes such as crosscultural studies; sustainable tourism to foster local territories and communities, international projects and exchanges, communication and marketing actions.   Read more

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