Walkeur is a cooperation project within the European Programme Creative Europe, involving cultural operators of 4 Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe: The Routes of Charles V (Lead Partner), ATRIUM, European Route of Ceramics and European Jewish Heritage.

The project aims at increasing skills and capacities of cultural operators, with particular reference to the following 4 pillars.


The identity and the objectives of European Cultural Routes have been created from the cultural heritage they deal with. Culture has to be preserved, described, and known by all, and the most imporant way to do it is to collect and organize information about it. For this reason, it is fundamental for Cultural Routes to work on sources as documentation of their own activity, inventories of the heritage they deal with, instruments to make heritage accessible to external people and historical documentation connected with the topics of interest for the Cultural Route


The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are part of the European culture, and represent the values and the spirit of EU. In that way it is very important how Cultural Routes tell their heritage to provide elements of understanding of European history and culture, and to attract new public.

Citizen involvement

It is fundamental to integrate citizens’ participation in the cultural creation of the European Cultural Routes. According with the principles of the Faro Convention, with the collaboration of residents and of participants to public events, Cultural Routes can investigate the bond between the community and its own heritage and can create cultural works, performances, artifacts, that generate a distinctive value for the Cultural Route, and more importantly they make culture accesible for a large public, even elder and people with less opportunites

Cultural management

The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are a complex type of entity that cover large territories and different entities and affect several stakeholders. The Cultural Routes demand a cultural management that has to be able to develop and test new models of revenue and guarantee acces to culture for all public.

The project foresees, among the activities, the development and implementation of pilot actions linked to one or more themes above explained.

 With this call for pilot actions, partners aim at identifying and supporting innovative approaches and/or tools which can contribute to:

  • Promote the visibility of Cultural Routes, for example through the development of digital or narrative tools, marketing and storytelling tools and products;
  • Promote an active involvement of the citizenship, in local and transnational activities of the Cultural Routes
  • Improve the cultural management and valorize heritage using sources.

Each project partner publishes a specific Call for Pilot Action related to one of the themes mentioned above

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