The European Route of Ceramics is a Cultural route certified by the Council of Europe since 2012 and it aims at giving value to the cultural heritage linked to the production of ceramics and its old tradition, creating a sustainable and competitive tourism offer not only based on the artistic productions and collections (workshops and museums), but also on the whole cultural and social development that these destinations have lived over the years.

Born thanks to a European project in 2011, the Route was managed through an Association named UNIC and coordinated, for the first 5 years, by the City of Limoges.

In order to relaunch and give more value to the Route, the partners of the European Route of Ceramics have agreed with the handover of the association from the City of Limoges to the City of Faenza, which is therefore the new coordinator. To this extent, a new association headquartered in Faenza (Italy) has been created at the end of August 2018, aiming at continuing the activity of the European Route of Ceramics, promoting its development in terms of projects and members, with the support of the Council of Europe.